GNC #1038 Apple Mania Time

I share something important on the show, listen to get the details. I also go into detail the potential damage that can be done by the OPM hack and of course I talk about the Apple WWDC and the announcements of what is coming in iOS 9. Also congratulate Todd Aune at the Elder Divide for completing 100 episodes.

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Internet Radio.
Tesla Plant Video.

Show Notes:
OPM Hack of the Century.
The Apple Numbers.
Apple Pay Update.
Who is Apple Gunning For.
Flipboard Enemy #1.
iOS 9 Split Screen aka Multi-Tasking.
Apple Homekit.
Apple Watch OS 2.0 Native Apps.
Apple CarPlay Update.
iOS 9 Smarts?
Apple Music Review.
Streaming Music Breakdown.
Android App to Migrate to iOS.
iOS 6 Digit Passcodes.
$20 Settlement Offers from WB.
WWDC Liveblog.
DJI New Drone.
Awesome Dad.
New Ways to Move Money.
Programming your Brain?
Airbus Versus SpaceX?
Facebook out at Windows.
NASA Flying Saucer Launch goes bad.
LHC Mission.
Pulsar navigation.
Darpa YouTube Live gets shut down.
Study for free in Germany.
Showtime Roku and Playstation.
NTSB Dictates Collision Avoidance.
Glass on Mars.
HTTPS for all Gov’t Sites.
Team Prenda Contempt of Court.
TSA did not find 73 working with Terrorist Ties.
Google Desktop Map -> To IOS. Hacked.
Koi Observatory.
iOS 9 Compatibility List.
Extra iOS 9 Goodies.

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