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We appreciate your support, and we’re introducing new ways for you to contribute to the show and make it even better. The Insider Program is designed for listeners to support the show long-term, and every dollar helps support the entire operation. We’re excited to offer supporter levels and titles to our family of listeners!
Inspired by our Hawaiian roots, we’re bestowing honorary titles to those who contribute at the levels indicated per year. When you contribute, you’ll be able to hold the title as listed below.

You can also contribute via Bitcoin/Satoshis using Alby, or through Podcasting 2.0 apps like Fountain, Podverse, CurioCaster, and Castamatic.

Supporter Levels and Titles:

  • Ohana: $2.00 per month
  • Warrior: $5.00 per month
  • Kahuna: $10 per month
  • Small Kahuna: $15 per month
  • Big Kahuna: $20 per month
  • Ali’i: $25 per month

A Lifetime donation of $1000 earns you a special gift from Todd. Please include your accounting and mailing address via email.

For over 18 years, Todd has dedicated Monday and Thursday nights to bringing you one of the top tech shows on the Internet. Through the years, he has proven to be a reliable host of this twice-weekly podcast, with additional content each year, such as CES. Vendor sponsorships and listener donations support the show, and we hope you’ll consider becoming part of GNC Insiders.

Your donations pay for all the staff and blogging costs here. If you prefer to donate by check, make checks out to New Media Productions and mail to:

New Media Productions 365 N Willowbrook Rd, Suite: C Coldwater, MI 49036

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