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He wrote the book on podcasting. Well, at least the first: “Podcasting: The Do-It-Yourself Guide.” He is founder of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and the Tech Podcast Network. He is also credited with bringing the first advertisers into podcasting, GoDaddy. But in a career that has earned him a place in the Podcast Hall of Fame, perhaps Cochrane’s biggest influence on podcasting is RawVoice and its related company, Blubrry. Blubrry offers a combined 75,000 podcasters: media hosting, advertising opportunities, content creation tools, and more. It has been said that influence in the podcast world belongs to he who holds the key to delivering relevant measurement statistics, so that advertisers bursting to buy can properly understand what, in fact, they are buying. Enter Cochrane and Teams Blubrry, a core site for content sharing, discovery, publishing, hosting, and, above all, measurement, data analytics, and monetization. Blubrry is also home to PowerPress, the WordPress podcasting application that powers the majority of podcaster sites running WordPress. At this point, Blubrry is the leader in insights into podcast metrics / audiences: who is linking to you, listener-base demographics, clients, platforms, listen data, and geographical data with worldwide mapping.

Geek News Central Staff

Geek News Central is a subsidiary of  Podcast Connect, launched in May 2002 with the goal of creating a high quality tech and informational site for people of all ages and backgrounds.  Site content is supplemented by freelance authors and guest contributing editors. For special events like CES, NAB, Ford Live Drives etc, we employ researchers to help with scheduling interviews and coverage content..

The staff and contributing editors of Geek News Central travel to various trade show events each year. From 2006 to 2012 our coverage of the Consumer Electronics show and the 3000 plus interviews and product highlights have received over 300 Million views by consumers worldwide with select companies highlighting the content on their own corporate websites.

The site is also the home of the Geek News Central Podcast in which the host Todd Cochrane  produces a twice weekly podcast and numerous online articles about the consumer market.

Geek News Central Staff

  • Todd Cochrane @geeknews Editor / Podcaster
  • Kirk Corless – Executive Producer (Geek News Central)
  • Don Baine – Executive Producer (The Gadget Professor)
  • Jack Ellis – Executive Producer / Research Staff
  • Colten Clymer – Associate Producer (Geek News Central)
  • Mike Baine – Associate Producer (The Gadget Professor)
  • Shawn Thorpe – Contributing Editor
  • Jen Thorpe – Contributing Editor
  • Tom Wiles – Contributing Editor
  • Michael Dell – Contributing Editor
  • Alan Buckingham – Contributing Editor
  • Andrew Palmer – Contributing Editor

The goal continues to be posting quality technical consumer reviews and keeping people informed of happenings within the new media and technology space. As you can see from our content we want you to be exposed to new ideas and technologies by publicizing new and innovative software or pieces of information that effect your daily connected lives.

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