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Geek News Central is a subsidiary of Podcast Connect Inc and DBA Geek News Central

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CEO/Editor/Podcaster Todd Cochrane

Marketing Director: Chantal Paxton

Product Review Policy:

Geek News Central accepts produce reviews and will do comprehensive testing of a product. We do not guarantee a favorable review but will contact the vendor if a serious issue is discovered. Unlike other Websites all products that are reviewed by Geek News Central are utilized a minimum of 72 hours in an actual production environment.

Geek News Central Reviews
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To be interviewed for the Geek News Central Podcast your party must make arrangements a minimum of three days in advance and must agree to no pre-selected questions. PR Firm should provide staff of Geek News Central bio and product information no less the 48 hours before the interview. We honor all story embargo requirements.

Advertising Opportunities:

Todd Cochrane, the award winning author of the first book on Podcasting has resulted in his show, and companies Podcast Connect Inc. and RawVoice gaining acclaimed success in spearheading some of the first and continual podcast advertising campaigns being run in the Podcasting space today!

Which has resulted, in this site, and those that he and his team manage to become a focal point in the podcast community. Not only advocating technical information but also imparting wisdom his book released by Wiley Publishing, “Podcasting The do it Yourself Guide recognized by the New York Times as on the most top 20 Blogged about books in 2005, and received an Amazon Editors Choice award.

Todd’s Involvement in the Podcasting space goes beyond Geek News Central his companies own and manages multiple podcasting sites to include:

Through these properties his team is pre-authorized to negotiate multi-show advertising deals today RawVoice and Podcast Connect are well positioned to deliver over 2.5 million listener impressions each month along with millions of page impressions. With listening audiences and properties being added daily.

In addition Geek News Central, by itself is uniquely positioned to build your brand, with the website and podcast attracting some of the largest listening audience in podcasting. We are uniquely positioned in that we can we align you with a large stable of sites and shows unlike any other brand. if your looking to get involved in the podcasting advertising space we have the inventory to make it worth your while.

Geek News Central introduced to podcast advertising and today they are heavily invested into the space, built upon the return of advertising investment which was higher than any space they have been in. We have also run advertising campaigns for GotoMeeting, HBO, USA Network, Honda and various other companies through private placement.

Geek News Central and Podcast Connect are seeking Sponsors for our family of podcasting sites and properties. If you are interested in Advertising on the Geek News Central Podcast Please Send Todd a note at

Your advertisement is a professionally prepared 30-40 Second Audio file that is strategically placed. Along with your advertising we will brand your logo into our site.

Check out our (Media Kit) and call Todd today at 808-741-4923 (HST) to get your companies message heard on one of the hottest technology shows on the net today.

Note: Geek News Central only accepts advertisiing from reputable firms, we do not do link exchanges nor do we do barter arrangements.