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13th Annual Podcast Awards

The 13th Annual Podcast Awards nomination period has opened. This annual event strives to recognize the top shows in podcasting as nominated and voted on by the actual listeners of podcasting.

Podcasts that wish to participate need to register and then simply ask their audience to support their show and nominate their podcast against there piers.

E3 2018 #1291

Hi everyone, Kirk here filling in for Todd while he is on a well deserved vacation for the next week and a half. He will back on Thursday June 28th.I got lot of tech news today to share and now my audio levels is sounding a lot better and will be going forward.

Leaks, leaks and more leaks! #1284

Hi there everyone, this would be my last day filling in for Todd while he is heading back home from meeting with his team down in Columbus Ohio. Well last week, websites were hacked and GPS locations exposed. In the news today…customers information exposed via leaks.

Real Time Location Data Strikes Again #1283

Hi everyone, Kirk here filling in for Todd while he is away down with his team in Ohio.for tonight’s and Monday’s episode of the Geek News Central Podcast. On Monday’s episode Todd talked about phone carriers selling location data and now there is a website where leaked real time location on cell phones!

Last Epoch RPG is on Kickstarter

Last Epoch is a loot-based action RPG featuring time travel, character building, crafting, and an item system that guarantees endless playability. At the time I am writing this blog, it has 10 days left to reach its goal on Kickstarter.

Last Epoch is created by Eleventh Hour Games, a Dallas-based indie developer with a heart for action RPGs. Their team consists of 20 dedicated developers, videographers, composers, actors, and marketers. The studio is dedicated to delivering innovative and immersive player experiences that will provide gamers with thousands of hours of entertainment.

Right now, you can download the free demo of Last Epoch from the Kickstarter. They have a Discord where you can ask questions about the game, so I did. I asked if Last Epoch was for PC, or for Mac, or for both. (The Kickstarter makes it clear that there is a version of the demo for Linux.)

Mitchell, from Eleventh Hour Games, gave me a very prompt response. He said that Last Epoch is currently on PC and Linux, and they intend to also support Mac long term.

Some of the features of the game include:

  • Offline and online multiplayer action
  • Time travel based high fantasy
  • 5 base classes that advance into 10 powerful mastery classes
  • A deep skill system with augment trees for each skill
  • Engrossing loot and crafting system
  • Massive end-game content and replayability, trading, PvP, Cycles (Seasons), Ladders and Achievements
  • Epic storytelling, memorable characters and environments, voice acting, journals, and hidden secrets

Personally, as someone who absolutely loves Diablo III, I am very excited about Last Epoch! The point of view in the game is very similar to how it is in Diablo III. It’s a loot filled dungeon crawler with more classes than Diablo III currently offers. It will be interesting to see where their story line goes, and what the Seasons are like.

It is very much worth noting that Last Epoch can be played both online and offline. Diablo III players have been asking for offline mode for a long time!

How did Podcast.App get the Domain

The .app domain starts selling yesterday in early release phase. But yesterday I found out that “The Podcast App” already had the domain Podcast.App. My question is how did they get it as part of the “Sunrise” phase. They do not hold “Podcast” or “The Podcast App” as a trademark. Yet they got the domain before the phase 1 purchase date. They were able to obtain the domain on April 27th which is part of the “sunrise” period.

Simply because they have the app it appears not based on Trademark. “The Podcast App” should in my opinion not have qualified them for the domain under the sunrise rules but someone thought it was ok.

FacebookPalooza! #1273

Hi everyone, Kirk here filling in for Todd while he is away in Las Vegas for NAB. I am sorry that I did not have an episode recorded for Monday. I was sick this past weekend and Monday. I am feeling better and I got a great episode for you all!



Stephen Hawking RIP #1266

Stephen Hawking has died and with that a great mind and scientist RIP. The show today is made up of a bunch of mini-stories not a lot of super big stories. So it’s a little shorter have fun.

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School Safety in the News #1260

This is my last day sitting in the guest host chair. Todd will be back on Monday night with a live episode. For me, this has been a great time hosting the podcast for the last 2 episodes and hope that you all will enjoy the episode I have for you!


Google AI #1259

Hello everyone, my name is Kirk Corless Executive Producer for the Geek News Central Podcast. I am in the guest host chair for today and Thursday’s episode for Todd while he is away with his family down in Florida for his daughter’s wedding. I hope you enjoy today’s episode!