Make Free Google Voice Calls from your Android

If you are someone who frequently runs short on your monthly calling minutes then a way to make calls without using ANY minutes would be quite a welcome discovery.  Thankfully there is just such an app for Android customers.

An app called GrooVe IP is available in the market for $3.99.  It works with your phone’s Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G connection with Google Voice to make unlimited calls in the US and Canada to allow you to make calls without using a single minute from your precious, overpriced plan.  All you need is a Google Voice phone number, which is free.

Be aware that if you are on 3G / 4G then you are using data, but if you have an “unlimited” plan then that shouldn’t be a worry.  Plus, a simple voice call amounts to almost no data.  And, if you are on WiFi, then you are literally using NOTHING.

GrooVe IP integrates with your phone’s contacts database and has a separate dialer which can be used to make calls.  You can also use the default dialer and choose whether to use GrooVe IP or your cellular service to make calls on an individual basis.

$3.99 may seem a bit expensive for an Android app (seriously, when did $3.99 start sounding expensive?!), but remember that you are saving your minutes, and, thereby, saving money on your monthly wireless plan.

You can download GrooVe IP from the Android Market.

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