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Make Free Google Voice Calls from your Android

If you are someone who frequently runs short on your monthly calling minutes then a way to make calls without using ANY minutes would be quite a welcome discovery.  Thankfully there is just such an app for Android customers.

An app called GrooVe IP is available in the market for $3.99.  It works with your phone’s Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G connection with Google Voice to make unlimited calls in the US and Canada to allow you to make calls without using a single minute from your precious, overpriced plan.  All you need is a Google Voice phone number, which is free.

Be aware that if you are on 3G / 4G then you are using data, but if you have an “unlimited” plan then that shouldn’t be a worry.  Plus, a simple voice call amounts to almost no data.  And, if you are on WiFi, then you are literally using NOTHING.

GrooVe IP integrates with your phone’s contacts database and has a separate dialer which can be used to make calls.  You can also use the default dialer and choose whether to use GrooVe IP or your cellular service to make calls on an individual basis.

$3.99 may seem a bit expensive for an Android app (seriously, when did $3.99 start sounding expensive?!), but remember that you are saving your minutes, and, thereby, saving money on your monthly wireless plan.

You can download GrooVe IP from the Android Market.

GNC-2009-11-03 #524 Where we are going from here!

I talk about the plan I am laying out for the show, while the Audio format will not change I am moving aggressively to improve the video quality in an effort to be in a position for what I feel is forthcoming in the new media space. The exercise while expensive is one that I think is one that I need to take to see if the content will bridge over time into as big a hit with video hit as the audio format is.

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Show Notes:
Congress to lockup NAB and Musician Rep to battle out bill terms!
Black Friday and Monday is coming be prepared to shop and get great deals.
Bing gets Real Time NFL Scores and Flight Updates.
Pirate Bay Closure increases P2P sites by 300%!
Google and Asian Telecommunications companies lay new Fiber Cable.
Pepsi looses battle it did not know it had to fight ordered to pay 1.26 Billion?
Sarbanes Oxley may be waived to small public companies?
Google playing Logo games with Firefox in Google Search?
Adobe plays hardball with iPhone and iTouch users who do not have a clue.
Apple to bring TV to iTunes for $30.00 a month Sign me Up!
Sprint turns on Wimax in some cities is your area next?
iPhone + Intel P55 Chip + Windows 7 equals a broken iPhone Sync.
Idiot ejects himself from Airplane Ripley’s Believe it or Not!
Microsoft Data Center in Chicago pretty amazing pictorial.
Dell Customer Support replaces mans Laptop with a Hard Drive!
Do you have a Femtocell in your home if so listen in.
Hulu subscription realities are charge for service imminent?
Scobles Tech News Feed is Money.
Cisco knows where the world of Media is headed buys Chinese set-top box company! Follow the money folks.
DIY USB Charger simply simple.
Review of Video editing suites all under a $100.00.
Does CBS 60 Minutes have any street credibility left?
Google Voice Search goes Mandarin.
How are you getting your mobile Apps built DIY or hired Firm?
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I think Google just killed the Mapping and GPS industry. The wolf in sheep’s clothing strikes again.
Hacker earns 1 million in providing free Internet Service and now faces 6 Felony counts. DIY Prison terms.
Japanese HTV full of trash and ready for De orbit Incineration.
WordPress Template Cheat Sheet.

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GNC-2009-10-20 #520 BlogWorld Wrap Up

Glad to be back in the saddle folks. Blogworld was great and I have a pile of things to share about the event. Did you hear about how Elvis made an appearance at our annual party. Lots of tech tonight as always. I have some critical links for you to review at the bottom of the post as well. Take our National Listener Survey.

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Want to see how great the Blubrry Party was at Blogworld? See this Photo!
Todd and Jeff at the Blubrry Party.
Average Betty, Kosso, Matt and Rob Blatt at Blubrry Party!

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Verizion 4 Way Play.
32 New Exoplanets.
FCC and Court throws cable a bone?
48kbps or 160kbps can you tell the difference?
Giant Ribbon at Edge of Galaxy?
Monster Energy Link has lost their minds!
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Citibank Upsells Security!
YouTube Bandwidth Bill = Zero?
GIS yes GIS not GPS!
Augmented Reality through your contact!
More Evidence iPhone App development is full of risk.
Nook eReader from Barnes and Noble.
1.67b in Apple Profits.
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Microsoft opens first store on the 22nd.
Windows 7 Promotion on Family Guy.
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Facebook Groups Improvement.
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Living Abroad and Calling Home for Pennies

SS002Recently my wife and I moved away from our home in the United States to do some humanitarian work in a developing country.  Our internet connection is fairly consistent, though sometimes incredibly sluggish (usually around 256k both ways).  In a previous post I wrote about the purchase of Majic Jack.  The television sales unit that assigns a United States number and allows for unlimited calling for around $25/year.  It has not disappointed for the most part and has allowed us to make calls back to our family even on the slow connection.  But you can read that article for a review, so what about the rest of our calling system?

Our current set-up gives us one main phone number from the U.S.A. and allows us nearly unlimited calling for a total of about $75/year.  Here is the order of services used.

  1. VoiceLogoGoogle Voice –  This is our “One” number to rule them all.  We have given our Google number to all of our friends and family.  We then forward on the Google number to our Majic Jack and in-country cell phone.  Don’t forget – Google Voice is free!  The SMS feature works well, the transcribe voice mail needs some work, the notifications and ease of use are superb.
  2. SS001LocalPhone.com –  A British company that allows you to assign a U.S.A. number to an international number (our in-country cell phone).  So whenever Google forwards a call to the LocalPhone number my in-country cell phone rings.  For our country the cost is less than 3.5 cents per minute.  Not bad at all. Additionally, all incoming calls to cell phones in our country are free (the cell companies make their money on the outgoing calls).
  3. Majic Jack – You have already read about this product and it’s cost.

So what about the performance?  The lag/latency has been astoundingly good.  Much better than using a land-line system ever was.  Only once did it take so long to make the triple connection (Google to LocalPhone to my cell phone) that the person was directed to voicemail before I could answer.  It is times like these that make me write, and fully mean, the overused phrase “Isn’t technology amazing?”

FCC vs AT&T, Apple, Google

In what is sure to be one of the strangest and most debated Heavyweight technological showdowns of the 21st Century the FCC has called AT&T, Apple and Google to the principle’s office to get the bottom of things.

Since Apple introduced the App Store some people have defended them and their approach, “If we control the apps it will provide a better experience for everyone.”

Leading up to this, they (Apple/AT&T) have crippled the function of some major applications such as Slingbox and now Google’s apps, which have much better support on other devices on the same network such as Blackberry.

I think Apple is stuck between AT&T and the contract that they signed in trying to get their iPhone out the public with the best deal they could secure at the time.

But that excuse is starting to wear thin. In no way am I going to confuse my phone and a service that I signed up, was invited, then accepted and then installed the app on phone for the basic dialer on my phone.

My guess is AT&T viewed the next iPod of the cell phone market as the greatest thing ever for their bottom line, but underestimated the effect on their network.

When geeks across the world started using and creating programs for this device, that was bad enough, but when it hit the mainstream like AT&T had hoped it would like the iPod did they started to see the box they had opened.
Not only did they have one of the hottest selling technology devices, but it was back by a group that knew how to use it and wanted a lot from it. If that wasn’t bad enough, Apple and users were showing even more things to do with it other than check email and see some dumb down version of a website.
Now with the Google Voice app, it isn’t their data network that is in possible trouble, but their over priced SMS messaging service (Free on Google Voice) and number portability that is offered.
The outrageous data rates on SMS charged by carriers is  a know fact, the number portability is the thing that I think really gets them going. Take a tech savvy crowd, a free phone number for life, and no commitment to the old number that the carriers use to hold over you if ever though about moving on. That is the beginning of carrier impendence; the carrier and number are no longer the concern. Then it becomes the features and rates offered to you.

Now am I in no way trying to defend Apple in their choice to disapprove these items, I think it is their duty to their customers at the very least to explain exactly why programs such as these were declined and not hide behind a blanket statement.

I think if Apple had made this phone available to at least two carriers when it launched, much of the end user problems would have been avoided due to the simple fact of market competition and Apple being able to point the to the other carrier’s support or lack there of an application.

As much as I love and depend on my iPhone for my day-to-day business, I will really have start wondering what is a better value for me.

As always I can be contacted at Jparie@gmail.com, please let me know how your feel.

GNC-2009-07-20 #495 Do you Like Math?

Do you like math do you live math, i have a request of the Ohana today to help your geek pick something out. Details in the show. Lots of tech today, rare daytime recording enjoy the podcast and be sure to check out the other shows at PodcastMadness.com

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256gb USB Drive
Get a cheap notebook!
Toshiba Wifi Picture Frame Integrated with other Services!
Blackberry desktop for Mac soon!
IE8 growth chart

GNC-2009-03-20 #461 Fantastic Show Today

Your host is back and healthy and feeling good. If you watch the video sporting a Bono look ;) and ready to head to the East Coast next week should be a great trip with a series of Podcaster Meetups all across the country.

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Gmail and Google Labs
Google Voice View
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