Nielsen did not ask anyone for real numbers on Podcasting

I laugh every time I read one of these ridiculous articles podcasting articles, and yesterday article by Nielsen was icing on the cake. This group has no factual basis to assert what they have and the comparison they made simply does not make sense. I and my companies have been collecting real podcast listener statistics for over a year, and I have some amazing facts that I could summarize to them if they ever bothered to ask.

In the coming weeks I will be adding to this data set with a considerable influx of information from sites on for the shows that we will be negotiating for, but I already have a pile, and I mean a huge pile of real data from the podcasting space.

There are other companies that have real info as well, and who have been very open about it. Podtrac and Libsyn have been very forthcoming in their summary of information, other companies have been pretty secretive.

If Nielsen wants some real numbers from the companies that are collecting that info, they need to reach out. They need to ask the experts what the real metrics are. Unlike TV and Radio we can give them REAL metrics, and not hypothetical metrics They need to ask for some summary results that we can extrapolate using real data sets.

I am always available to talk to any member of the press or companies looking to get the real growth and summarized listener totals that we are seeing. I would never give away individual show numbers as that kind of information is privileged. But I think some of the summarized totals would make these companies sit up and say wow. [] []

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