K40 – RLS2 Radar / Laser Detector Review

k40It has been some time since I have used a radar detector so I was very excited to review the RLS2 Radar / Laser Detector from K40. In Hawaii the local law enforcement utilize Laser exclusively, and the motorcycle patrol has a fondness for hiding out on highways and streets that are often marked way under a reasonable speed limit.

My first few days with the detector resulted in no detection’s but on the third day on a popular area for HPD to add money to the counties coffers, I received a laser alter that went off with adequate warning before encountering the officer looking for customers. Over the past month, I will say that having the the device has alerted accurately on numerous occasions in numerous driving conditions.

This past week I have been on travel in the mainland US and brought the RLS2 Radar / Laser Detector with me on the trip. Interesting to me was the number of warnings I received on city streets. Some legitimate some false.. The RLS2 has a GPS mark feature, that allows you to mark the location of false alerts for future reference.

It comes with 13 programmable features and has one of the most unique guarantees in the industry. K40’s Exclusive RLS2 Radar Detector Guarantees: If you get a radar or laser speeding ticket, they will pay for it. See their website for details.

Overall I am very impressed with this Radar / Laser detector visit their website @ www.k40.com/product/rls2-radar-detector to get all the specs on the unit and to review the 13 programmable modes. Retailing at $399 the RLS2 Radar / Laser Detector is one of the best on the market and will provide you stress free driving as you will know that you are protected from all North American-approved police radar bands.

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