Did You Notice Something About the GNC Podcast?

In my daily routine, I download a lot of podcasts. I figure it’s part of my job – I podcast, therefore I should listen to other podcasters. For Instance, I am listening to a new cast (for me) called the Geek Rodeo Cast. Geek News Central, SDR News, Totally Cool Tech Podcast, Caffination Podcast, TWIT and many others.

And yes, I listen to my podcast, too (Geekazine). I figure if I cannot get through my own podcast, how would I expect others to? In listening, I can also catch any issues. I just heard another podcast that started, but was only 2 minutes in length, when it should have been 30.

So I was downloading Todd’s podcast today when I noticed it was taking a lot longer. The other shows had completed, so I just figured it was a connection issue. As I always say: The Internet is always as fast as it’s slowest connection.

When I started to listen to the show, I noticed the quality. Now I know that Todd had issues with his mixing board and went to get a new one. But this was different than a new board. Don’t get me wrong – it most likely helped, but what made me notice even more was the fact the show was in 128 Kbps.

For those that don’t know – most podcasts are produced in 64 Kilobits per second, or kbps. Basically, it’s like listening to a talk show on the radio. And for most talk, that is all that’s needed. In comparison, MP3’s are usually at 128 kbps. Audiophiles usually have their music at higher bit rates, like 256 or more. That would be overkill for talk shows.

Hearing Geek News Central in 128 kbps was not only different, it made me open my eyes as to the quality of podcasts. The sound was clearer and made the show sound more professional.

There are downsides, though. The size of the show pretty much doubled. The download time also increased. nonetheless – the pros really outweigh the cons.

Now I haven’t talked with Todd about this. I am not sure if he did this on purpose. But I’ll bet I am not the only one who notices the difference. Makes me think if my shows will sound better at a higher rate.

If it wasn’t planned, I say “Keep it up”. It really makes a difference. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you should really download it and listen. You will be pleasantly surprised.

One thought on “Did You Notice Something About the GNC Podcast?

  1. I thought the audio sounded great! It does make for a longer download but it sounded great. I didn’t even pay attention to the bit rate, I just assumed it was the new mixer.

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