GNC-2008-07-15 #391 Monster Show with a Pile of Content

Absolute Monster Show and a large batch of listener feedback plus some NYC Apple Flagship Interviews mixed in as well. You all are keeping me jumping that is for sure.

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Listener Links:
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Museum of Operating Systems
Get the Old School Netscape
Thanks Todd
Musings and Gadgets
Were Juiced

Show Notes:
10 Free Mac Apps
Alternative 3G Phones
Laptop Drive of Shame
Vector Illustration Tutorials
Xbox and Netflix Partner Up
Mars Rocks to Earth Mission
Alien Abductions
Solar Efficiency Increase by MIT
Nuclear Power on the Increase
Ebay the Place for Knock Off’s
iPhone App for 5k
Top 50 places to Live
iPhone App Store Same old Tricks
New Sony Vaio’s
HDTV to get Cheaper
10 Million iPhone App Downloads
Robin Good Sharewood Picnic
No Twitter for House Members
Veoh Behavioral Ad Targeting
Google Code Search
Photobucket had a hole
Bloggers and the Law
Explosive Bolt Removed on Soyuz
Top 100 Web Celebrities
FTP Unsafe ???
Twenty things for Windows 7
Jail for phone Unlockers
Viacomm wants Google Employee History
Canadian Authorities Shutdown Torrent Site

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