Lets Talk Podcast Demographics

Since I am on this Podcasting demographic kick today lets talk about demographics. Seeing I have run two surveys I have a pretty good idea who is listening to this show. This is the demographic breakdown on my show only. I am probably revealing more online than anyone ever has about a podcasting audience but lets look at real numbers not some sampling that Nielsen did. Granted this is for a show about technolgy with chatter about the podcasting space included, and represents 3700 total respondents to the survey. This sampling data was last updated April 15th 2006

How many episodes of this podcast have you listened to? 6 or more 92%

I always listen to each new episode 84%

About how much of each podcast episode do you generally listen to? I listen to the entire episode 77%

How do you most often listen to this podcast? On my MP3, iPod or other portable player 65%

Using a scale of 1-10 where 10 is extremely satisfied and 1 is extremely dissatisfied
Average OVERALL Satisfaction 8.52 with 3707 respondents

What is your age?
Under 18 4%
18-24 5%
25-34 25%
35-44 28%
45-54 22%
55-64 12.4
65-74 2.7%
75+ 0%

What is your gender? Male 93%

What is the highest level of education you have achieved?
Less than high school graduate 0%
Graduated high school or received equivalent degree (e.g., GED) 8%
Attended college but did not graduate 19%
Graduated from 2-year college 13%
Graduated from 4-year college 35%
Master’s Degree 17%
Doctoral Degree 3%
Other Professional Degree (MD, LLB, etc) 6%

What best describes the total combined income before taxes of all members of your household.
Under $5,000 3%
$5,000 – $9,999 1%
$10,000 –$19,999 2%
$20,000 –$29,999 6%
$30,000 – $39,999 9%
$40,000 – $49,999 10%
$50,000 – $59,999 7%
$60,000 – $74,999 16%
$75,000 – $99,999 19%
$100,000 – $149,999 19%
$150,000 – $199,999 4%
$200,000 or over 4%

What is your current employment Status
Full-time (35 hours or more) 80%
Part-time (less than 35 hours) 5%
Temporarily unemployed 1%
Student 6%
Retired 6%
Other 2%

What is your current marital status? 64% Married

Which of the following best describes your primary place of residence? Own a Home 66%

Have you shopped online in the past 30 days? 92% Yes

How much did you personally spend on internet order items in the last 12 months? $800+ 39%

Now I know the folks at Podtrac have some comibined results of over 45,000 people that have responded to surveys, and if Nielsen wants to get a handle on who is really listening, then they need to get real numbers like these I have just revealed. [News.com]

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