Geek News Central Podcast #72 2005-06-10

This show is almost back to standard format. We have awesome promo for you today, just so you know we will be changing the GoDaddy Promo each week and this weeks promotion rocks you will have to listen to the show to get the promo code that will save you some serious cash. Otherwise lots of great traditional content tonight.

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Attack Trends!

Intel buys Apple?
Copyright and Pictures!
ClearType Tuner Microsoft
Tag Power Tool MovableType
More IE7 Info!
FreshFeed Mix Multiple RSS Feeds
FCC Pushing termination of Analog TV!
DVD Ripper (RIP)
Honey do list cell phone reminder GPS enabled!
Patch Tuesday!
Google Ads and Spyware?
Symantech battle Hotbar <-Adware Adobe and Microsoft face biggest Apple conversion to Intel challenge!
Business should Podcast to their customers!
Author asking about Book Deadline with broken PC?
AccuWeather wants National Weather Service restricted delivery!
BarCode Reader for Cell phone Wanted!
Probe ready to slam into comet July 4th
Shuttle Return to Space in July a GO!
Google Maps Tools and Resources
RSS Ads Debate!
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