Charles Cooper over at Cnet says Podcast Blows!

It would be nice to see what Podcast Charles has been listening to, because in some ways he is right, and in some ways he is wrong. I have been subscribing to a lot of podcast and some get 1-2 listens and then they are removed from my playlist but their are others that continue to stay on my thats a great show list.

With 5500+ shows available you can find plenty of gems. Those that are not so good will realize this soon enough when they do not have many downloads showing up on their statistics but depending on how those statistics are being gathered could be misleading.

I had a podcaster recently tell me he had 4000 plus listeners I asked him how he determined that number, he told me it was by looking at webalizer statistics. I then had him send me 1 months worth of his raw log files, and ran them thru a special program that is being used over at

The information I passed back to him was depressing. He was horrified, he used it as a wake up call on how he could fix his show so that he could get some listenership. I talked with him at length, and over the past few weeks I have seen noticeable improvement. We all have good days and bad days but if your creating crap on a regular basis people are going to leave in mass.

But you want to know the best part we have a choice now on what we listen to and fill our brain with not what Clear Channel or one of the other media companies want us to hear.

Podcasting will continue to grow and people like you and I will continue to put out shows because it’s fun and gives us a new outlet to talk about things we like to talk about. [CNet]

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