Geek News Central Podcast #45 2005-03-08

Welcome all our new listeners I cover a wide variety of topics on the Podcast today and we hope you enjoy the show. Had some minor computer problems during this Podcast but we got it in the can.

The server got absolutley crushed this morning. I have had to make some changes to try and alleviate the load and re-distributed the show to other servers.


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I want to welcome our new sponsor be sure to check out their website.

Have a print magazine to Recommend first one in Years “Make is a true geeks catalog.

Google Desktop Search out of Beta good news for Windows Developers!
Hawaii Association of Podcasters
My Sony Story and Dan Gillmor reflections!
The on demand Blogsphere
Tips for keeping your e-mail inbox clean!
Creative Zen to give iPod a run for money? You be the judge!
Bank of America informs me they lost my Financial Info!
Skype Journal <-Find of the night!
Glasser or RealNetworks CEO complaining about Steve Jobs! Hilarious!
FTC asked to look at illegal MP3 Sales sites!
Teen convicted in Internet Piracy Law!
Russian MP3 Network stays online!
Engadget Data loss winner!
PlayPod Podcast Aggregator for Mac
RFID Tags to be used by Homeland Security

Independent Music Artist is Geoff Byrd and the song is Frozen

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