Chrome OS makes first-ever change in its schedule

Google’s Chrome OS has been around over a decade, The operating system was announced in 2009 and a laptop appeared in 2011. However, popularity really began in 2013 when Google released their “own” model, the HP Chromebook 11 G1. 

Schools began adopting and that’s when people saw the usefulness and it started to spread among the general public. 

Since those early days one thing has remained constant – the release schedule. You’ve been able to count on the every six weeks like clockwork. The new timeframe announced has shrunk the wait time to every four weeks. 

The move does come with a bit of confusion – you’ll be missing a version of the OS. According to the Chromium Blog Post, the Chrome OS release schedule will shift to a 4-week rollout beginning in Q3 with version 94 of the operating system. 

The company states To bridge the gap between M94 when Chrome moves to a four week release and M96, Chrome OS will skip M95 (see the updated Chrome schedule page for milestone-specific details) 

Most people likely pay little attention to the update or it release date and number. It simply updates when it reboots and there’s no announcement.