Teens & Amazon #1232

You can now set your Teens up with and Account at Amazon and control the purchasing process. I would think most parents already do this as I demand cash before approval of my teens purchase. Purchasing without getting pre-approval at my house has serious consenqences. Such is the digital world we live in. Ohh confession I had to do some Audio editing tonight.

You have heard me talk about proximity beacons. I know now how to do it with minimal investment! This course that I endorse and have used successfully is the gateway to deploying proximity beacons for Android.

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2 thoughts on “Teens & Amazon #1232

  1. I think the drone delivery of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is fantastic. I was in EMS for forty-one years, thirty as a paramedic and can tell you the advent of AED’s are saving many lives. To be effective the shock needs delivered in 4-6 minutes. Unfortunately, the time of patient discovery, dispatch and travels times all count against that. Anything to shorten that time is great.

    I’m guessing the delivery will be made to the geolocation of the 911 callers cell phone. I’m not sure if this will catch on but I think it is a avenue that warrants testing. Many AED’s are located in the community but know-one knows where they are. I use this app to tell me so I can find one if needed. http://www.pulsepoint.org/pulsepoint-aed/

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