Community Podcast Directory

Dave Winer is proposing that we go out and rebuild the community podcasting directory. I fully support this effort, considering the history of the site that was promised “once upon a time” to be the community directory which has turned into a disgrace.

For those that were not around, or those that forgot what was promised to the podcasting community, let me remind you that we were promised that the site would be managed, cared for as a community non commercial directory. What has eroded in the past year was once a great resource, hosted at / that is now a wreck, the site is full of ads, most of the categories have been neglected for months, and quite honestly I am personally ashamed that it is listed as a resource in my book, as I expected like many others for the caretaker to have upheld his promise.

It is time to dissolve that directory and start over. The only reason the site is probably still up is that most of the podcatchers use the site for some of there baseline directory data you can bet there are a lot of dead feeds. This is great for people just checking out podcasting.

I support Dave in opening a true community podcasting directory free of commercial interest, one that can be supported by the community, and one that cannot be gamed by its master. I personally will pledge $100.00 this year to help support the bandwidth and server cost on a new site. I want nothing in return but a 100% non commercial entity.

Tell me where to Paypal the money Dave.