Babyface Pro FS Review

The Babyface Pro FS is one of the most powerful audio recording tools that I have seen in a long time. The Babyface Pro FS is a professional 24-Channel, USB bus-powered audio interface with pristine sound quality that can be used in the studio or throw it in a backpack and head out to do a remote interview. Podcasters should take note that this device does everything and more that you will need with the ability to bring in a guest on any online platform that you use like Skype or Zoom while controlling all levels of all parties and multi-track recording with the simple to use control interface.

While you have the option in using the included software which I recommend to set up and save your configuration you are able to configure and control nearly all inputs through the device itself. It will interface directly with your computer PC or Mac through the included USB cable and or you can connect it directly to your iPad and control it TotalMix FX for iPad™ then record directly on your iPad although using it with your iPad you will need an external power supply for the interface. External power is not needed when you are connected to your laptop.

The interface setup software is provided is called RME TotalMix FX is at first was a little intimidating but once you take a few minutes with the software to learn inputs, output the power to control what goes where is pretty awesome. The team at RME has some great beginner to advanced videos on YouTube that really show the power of this device. While a lot of their focus on this device is for musicians. The form factor and the simple fact that you can route in a Skype or Zoom call and record separate tracks on your favorite recording software is what I really love. Portability here is key and it will go with you without having to check luggage.

I was able to record multi-tracks with Adobe Audition and Himalaya very easily with two popular recording packages being used by podcasters today. With a skype call in progress all the while being able to ride the audio levels for two people on the mic in the studio.

A great general overview of the BabyFace Pro FS is below and as I said the team at RME has created a whole series of training videos. I also have a pre-set I can share with anyone that picks up one of these units to get you started fast with 2 hosts and an external guest coming in on Zoom or Skype.  While priced at $899 for me the simple fact that I do not need a pelican case to carry it around is awesome. They do provide a hard-case for the unit but again mobility is the key here.

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