VanTop Mirror Mounted Dash Camera Review

The VanTop Mirror Mounted Dash Camera Discovery H609 is by far the most advanced dash camera I have ever reviewed. They have simply knocked the ball out of the ballpark and it’s only $59.99. When they sent the review unit over I did not even look at the price. After testing the unit and playing with it for a few days I became concerned that the unit would be outside the price range for most folks. When I went and looked up the price I was shocked.

The only downside is some of you will not want to place this over the top of your current rearview mirror.  But if you do your mirror will now be able to act as a reverse camera, touch screen playback with very simple installation. While you will need to plan out the routing of rear camera wiring they provide a tool to help you route your wires so the install is clean.

Dashcams are really divided into a couple of categories of vision quality day and night clarity and any features such as G-Shock. The VanTop Mirror Mounted Dash Camera really exceeds in all categories.  Here is a quick list of specifications.

The install kit is complete with everything that you will need to install the forward and rearview camera. To get the rearview camera to operate this is a little more complicated and you will want someone that is handy with wiring to install that function but the instruction provided by VanTop provides all the information you will need. Priced at $59.99 if you only use the front camera it’s still an amazing value.

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