GNC Exclusive: Launches myMail & myChat

Last week at Techonomy 13 I was able to sit down with Dmitry Grishin Chairman and CEO of Mail.Ru Group one of the worlds largest Internet companies to talk about the launch of his new company in the United States Today. Dmirty demonstrated two their new apps that they are launching today.

mymailThe first myMail an innovative email application, that is very visual, and has a design unlike anything seen to date in an email application. This is an app where you can manage all of your email accounts and switch between them easily. Unique to myMail is that it allows users to customize and enable real-time push notifications even if the email providers do not support them.  myMail was extremely fast, a lot of time has went into optimizing the app.

What intrigued me the most was the visual qualities. The screen show provided does little to show off the design, built in filters and ease of navigation.  I encourage you to try myMail launching for free today on both iOS and Android.

Dmitry said “I’m happy to introduce our new products to the competitive U.S. Internet market,”  “Russian developers tend to have outstanding backgrounds in mathematics, physics and engineering, which have propelled Russian companies to the forefront of the domestic Internet market. Now we will use all the skills and experience we’ve earned to enter the U.S. market.”

mychatThe second if myChat a mobile messaging service for free text, voice and video messaging. myChat’s conversation-centric interface allows for ongoing, streaming chat and sharing of media, like photos and pre-recorded video messages. Voice and video calling are seamless no matter what platform users are on – iOS or Android. myChat it is my opinion that the versatility of this app will give all competing apps a run for their money.

The third is myGames which is part of a growing collection of fun, free mobile games already available here in the United States. myGames’ title Jungle Heat is a Top 25 Android bestseller; it has already generated nearly 1.5 million downloads on the iOS platform and 6 million downloads on the Android platform.

The current collection of games also includes Poker Arena and Lucky Fields, which has seen more than 1.2 million Android installs since being soft-launched in August.


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