BodyGuardz Screen Protector

BodyguardzBodyguardz won a CES 2013 innovation award for their newest product. It is a screen protector. The biggest complaint about most screen protectors is that they are hard to put on, they don’t look right, and they don’t feel right. Bodyguardz has been making screen protectors for over 10 years. What makes this screen protector special is it is made of glass. It is fifteen-thousandth of an inch thick and is made of tempered glass.

The Bodyguardz package comes with a microfiber cloth to remove the dust from the phone. The best place to put the screen protector on is in a bathroom with a shower running to get the air really moist and remove the dust from it. Once you started the process the Bodyguardz screen protector will seal to your phone automatically. If your phone has any damage ton it already that damage will show through the Bodyguardz screen protector.

The bodyguards protector retails at forty dollars and is available in retail stores and through the website. There is a thirteen dollars replacement fee if you break it under the warranty.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net, and by Jamie Davis of the MedicCast and the Health Tech Weekly

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