VisionTek Charging Hubs Review

Today almost every household has multiple devices that need to be charged. If I look at my house hold we have 4 – Mobile Phones, 2 – iPad’s, 2-Andorid Tablets and bunch of miscellaneous devices that have their own charging cable and power converter.. Quite simply it is boarding on insanity the number of devices we are charging each evening and can make for a serious cable mess.

The folks at VisionTek provided two VisionTek Charging Hubs that I have been testing in my household, that has first and foremost reduced the number of power adapters, and consolidated the charge cable mess. The charging hubs have allowed me to consolidate charging devices to a couple of areas in my house. Simply reducing the number of wall warts (power adapters)  from a safety stand point of view is refreshing,  in that I am able to unplug the two charging stations versus having charging going on everywhere in the house.

visiontek1First up is the VisionTek High Power USB Seven Port Charging Hub.

It Features:

  • 4 – 1A plugs
  • 3 – 2.1A plugs.
  • USB 3.0/2.0 compatible.
  • Switch to turn unit on/off
  • $49.99

What I really love about this charging hub is that you can charge 7 devices at once as fast at the factory charger.  You can hide the power transformer, and just have the charging bus where you need it.

visiontek2Next is the VisionTek High Power USB Four Port Charging Hub

It Features:

  • 3 – 1A plugs
  • 1 – 2.1A Plug
  • Built in Power Adapter
  • $19.99

I like both of these charging hubs a great deal. From an ascetics point of view, the 4 port charger was more suitable for a kitchen/living room. While the 7 port was fine for my office. The only thing I wish VisionTek would do, would be to build the power adapter into the 7 port. They do have another 7 port charging hub that uses a more traditional wall power adapter that may be more suitable that also includes a sync capability.

The way things are going I can see having a 4 port in each of my kids bedrooms which will allow us to really simply how things get charged around the house.


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