Adobe Rolling Out Connect Mobile 1.7

Yesterday, Adobe announced the release of Connect Mobile version 1.7.  The Android version is now available, and the Blackberry and iPhone versions are coming soon.

If you aren’t familiar with Connect Mobile, then here is a brief introduction.  Adobe Connect is a web conferencing tool, geared mainly towards business users.  In other words, it’s mostly an enterprise tool.  It allows businesses to hold training classes and meetings online, thereby saving the cost of paying travel expenses for those involved. It’s based on Adobe Flash (like most Adobe products) which allows it to be used for richer content.

For enterprise level deployment they offer several tiers of hosted plans that I won’t bore you with the details of here.  If, however, you are interested in it individually, then you have two options.  The first is a $45 per month subscription, which gets you 9 hosts and allows each host to control webinars with up to 25 in attendees.  The second is a pay-per-use plan, which will cost you $0.32 per user per minute.  You can check enterprise and individual plans here.

You can download version 1.7 for Android from the Android Market.  Keep and eye on the Blackberry App World and iTunes App Store for those versions to show up in the very near future.