Solar Charger for the iPhone

We should all chip in and get one of these for Todd.  Surely there is enough sunshine in Hawaii that he could take advantage of for charging his iPhone.  Offered by Novothink, the device becomes a case for your iPhone, along with having a solar panel on the back side.  It also includes a charging cable for hooking up to your laptop’s USB port to charge the iPhone that way.

Imagine, driving down the road, iPhone on the dashboard of the car, charging while you’re driving.  Or when you’re at the pool.  Or in the back yard.  Or on a camping trip.  Or simply by placing it on a window sill.  Of course, depending on the tinting of the window in question, you may or may not get a decent amount of charge, but on long trips, I can see this working pretty well.

And yes, it works on the iPod too.  I don’t have an iPhone, but I have a very beloved, and abused, iPod.  I can see me using such a device.

Costs start at 69.95.  Somewhat pricey, but considering how much the device cost in the first place, and how often you may run out of power and have no way of charging your device (especially the power-hungry iPhone), the cost would be worth it.  And the best part?  The Novothink Solar Surge is Apple-certified!