An E-Library for E-Books

Another e-book reader is rumored to be in the works  and this one is by Creative.  And the promises are broad with a color screen, media, music, the moon.  Of course this is right on the heels of Barne’s and Nobles Android powered e-book.  Did I forget Apple  who has long been rumored to be working on a tablet style device that will reinvent media once again?  I confess that I put more faith in Apple’s ability to bring success, if I have any at all.

I have fingered the Kindle and I have browsed the iPhone/iPod Touch e-reader applications.  And I still don’t own, or have plans to own an e-reader.  Why?  Books are expensive.  Buying and e-reader so I can buy e-books is still expensive.  If I am tempted to read after a day at work and at the computer, I don’t want to look at another digital screen.  If I need something to read, I hesitate to pull the trigger on a $12 book that I will finish in a week.  I’m struggling.

1214060_58827580 2-250rdCould or should there be a reinventing of the library?  Your town probably still has one.  It is an old technology where you can check out books for free (or a nominal membership fee), and then bring them back.  I must admit I’m shocked that the print industry didn’t sue the libraries for lost profit years ago.  What about a library system for e-books?  Could it work?  How?  Amazon allows two Kindle’s to share a single account, and that works great for family.  Apple is demonstrating the technology with its online video rental system.  You rent it, download it, and then it disappears.  Certainly it could be done.  I would even pay to rent a book.

Well Creative, I hope your e-reader convinces me, but I’m not sure it’s possible without a revamp from the print industry.  Maybe Apple will come through and convince me to pay $700 for a tablet so I can purchase really snazzy media to read, but I don’t see it.