Can Verizon handle the Droid traffic?


Last month, we had the rollout of the iPhone MMS which was predicted to bring down the AT&T network in some areas. That didn’t happen. Now, this month, we will have the introduction of the most hyped new handset since the iphone, The Motorola Droid on the Verizon network. Will Verizon’s 3G network handle the new demand?

Verizon Director of data services for the Illinois-Wisconsin region said that Verizon is not expecting to take a hit to the network because of the Droid. I’m wondering just how many Droid handsets will be available when they launch on November 6th. See the full story over on Unwired View

It just so happens that my contract on my Verizon (Alltel) Blackberry is up and I’m due for a new phone. I’m going to take a wait an see attitude. I am leaning towards getting the Droid. I hope they have enough of them and they live up to the hype.

I will do a full review when / if I get the droid in the next couple of months. Until then, I’m watching!

One thought on “Can Verizon handle the Droid traffic?

  1. The Droid may be a great device, but there’s nowhere near the type of hype that preceded the iPhone.
    Besides Verizon’s network is vastly superior. This translates to no big deal. If this thing turns out to be huge, it may have some impact. The reality is the CDMA networks are superior to the GSM networks. Each tower covers more territory so I doubt we’ll see any problems.

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