The Winbook XP5

I’ve had a few requests for a picture of the Winbook XP5 from my last post. I was unable to find one online anywhere, at least, not with any detail. So, I took a couple of pictures. If you click on them, they will take you to a bigger shot.

The measurements are about 10″ wide, 9″ deep, and 2″ thick. The entire panel for the screen is about 8″ tall. The first picture shows the unit itself, the second picture is a closeup of the error I’m getting when I boot. Still haven’t had luck finding or making a floppy install. Yet. Contemplating replacement of hard drive first anyway, as 814 mb is just too small for much useful in the long term.

The fun continues. I know what I’m going to be doing all weekend!



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  1. I have a Winbook xp 5 I am putting on Northjersey Craigslist to sell. If you or anyone else is interested in it ,let me know, comes with leather carrying case . Selling it for $150.00.or best offer!! Good for personal use or parts .

  2. I work at a University, too, and have had some of those closet dwellers dropped in my lap. Never anything quite that old or that cool. Good luck in your restoration.

  3. don’t forget about the LBA stuff with a HDD that Large (remember the 528MB and the 2GB limit?). You may have issues with that large drive, that BIOS may have the old “HDD Type” requiring the proper CHS settings for a Custom Type 47 drive, which won’t really exist for a 20GB drive. The first rev of 95 was the last MS OS to support 16 bit and had the (v)FAT16 file system, you’ll need 95B (OSR 2 or OSR 2.1) or 95c (OSR 2.5) for FAT32 to support a drive that big. 95c OSR 2.5 will support USB and 32GB drives as well as Pentium Pro/II/III. You may also need an INT13H extention or a Drive Overlay. Drive Manufactures made software back in the day such as MaxBlast, EZ-Drive or SeaTools to accomplish this. If the new 20GB drive is really old it may still have a “size limit” jumper you can install to limit it to 2GB (the max for that laptop).

  4. Thanks, Steve. My DOS skills are pretty rusty these days, but I thought about trying to do some cleanouts. But a clean install is going to be necessary at some point anyway. I have now managed to procure a new(er) hard drive with 20 gb of space, and a usb-to-ide adapter set, so I’m going to try to install that way first, then try other things. If nothing else, this is stretching my brain quite a bit, and I am not aggravated yet, which is a good sign.

  5. Hi,
    That looks like a problem with loading the extended memory drivers.

    Maybe u should post the config.sys and autoexec.bat – I would start by clearing that down to the bare minimum.

    Get rid of the virus scanner for example.

    Someone else suggested swapping out the harddrive to another PC and copying the setup files to there – that’s good advice.

    There are quite a few PCMCIA adapters still available, both USB and Wireless network, the might work on 95.

    Best regards

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