Just how many people are leaving for WordPress from MovableType?

I have already given my notice that this blog is going to be running under WordPress at some point in the future but finding the right developer and programmer to make some of the custom code we have running underneath needs to be done first.

But I wonder if there is a way to compare the number of MT Blogs and WP blogs and track the numbers over the past 6 months to see what the abandonment rate is for MT. I have yet to talk to Anil Dash on the phone as I just have not had time but maybe Six Apart needs to take the advise that was given in a open letter today that it may be time for Six Apart to give MT to the open source community so that rapid fire development can begin again.

TypePad is their crown jewel that is making them money. It is obvious by there actions that MT has become the sucking pig that is taking away financial resources. So how about Six Apart make MT open source so we can at least know what the heck is being planned, and have some interactive input.

Because for a blogging company you all sure don’t blog very much. [Open Letter to SixApart]

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