PowerPak Xtreme NT-120R Review from NewTrent

newtrentThe folks at NewTrent send me the PowerPak Extreme NT-120R 12,000 mah two port power pack to review. When I received it I knew I faced a special challenge with this one. The powerpak xtreme is built like a tank and my everyday use of it would not suffice. This past weekend my daughter participated in a JROTC Warrior challenge where they would be crawling through the dirt, humping backpacks, rough it in the wild etc…  Being it was a High School event they where allowed to take their cell phones & tablets with them..

I charged the PowerPak and sent it with her.. When she got home the PowerPak no longer had that fresh out of the box look. It had mud caked on. The USB ports where dirty even though there was a protective cover and it had associated scratches.. I kinda laughed because it was pretty obvious that this charger had been on a few of the warrior challenges.  With the 12,000 mah capacity she still had about 25% charge left on the battery pack. You know teenagers, they can kill a phone battery fast so her friends had been sucking juice out of it for two days.

One thing that I was disappointed with though the PowerPak did not come with its own wall outlet charger. If this had been my first charger I would have been pretty upset. Charging a 12,000 mah battery on a computer USB port takes forever.  Battery Packs are now a everyday carry item for most folks so you need to be able to charge the battery in 5-6 hours.

Also I would not call this charger lightweight, the armor adds some heft and there is a noticeable difference in weight from comparable batter packs. With the 2.1amp and 1am ports you get maximum charge rate when you are charging devices capable of the 2.1amp charge rate. With a $59.99 price tag though they are very competitive in the pricing department.

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