Bribe Your Way to a Date?

carrot app logoHaving trouble getting a date? There’s a new dating app called Carrot that has a unique suggestion of something you could try. Bribe someone to go out with you. I’m not making that up. It literally says “Bribe Your Way to a Date” on the Carrot website.

Carrot is a mobile app that was created by Brandon Wade. He’s the founder of the website (which clearly is designed for people who want to find a “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby”). It appears that Carrot is using a similar concept.

Basically, it works like this. A guy joins Carrot and searches for a woman whom he wants to date. He then becomes the “Briber” (not kidding, it says that in the FAQ). The woman whom he is trying to get the attention of is now called the “Bribee”. The Briber “should pay for the Bribee’s half of the date activities including their own”.

Supposedly, that’s enough incentive for a woman to decide to go on a date with a guy that she doesn’t have any immediate interest in. (Or, so the Carrot website implies). There are five categories that a bribe can be sorted into: Dining, Entertainment, Gifts, Activities, and Popular (whatever that turns out to be).

Personally, the entire concept sounds rather creepy and sad. It reduces dating into little more than a transaction (that has no emotional content connected to it). Are there really that many single people out there who have flat out given up on finding a person who they truly are interested in (or who honestly does like them)?

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