Neutrino Thunder D3 Review – Dual SSD Storage by Akitio

akitioThis is the first time ever I have received a review unit for a product where I went and immediately out and purchased something to allow me to complete the review so obviously I was pretty excited. The folks at Akitio sent me a SSD dual drive bay external storage device “Thunderbolt certified” for both “PC and MAC” that connects via Thunderbolt or USB 3.0. I have a lot and I mean a lot of external storage here at Geek News Central, up this point all of the external drives I have had needed to be hid, as they are ugly as sin and take up a lot of space.

The SSD drive unit that Akito sent me, fits as seen in the picture in the palm of my hand. I installed two 1gb SSD drives in it, hooked it with the “included” thunderbolt cable to my Mac, setup was as painless as plugging in the cable. I tested data transfer speeds and saw transfers speed approach 10gb per second. I also tested video capture, and post editing processing directly on the drive. Performance was better than processing on my mac that has a standard hard drive.

The drive USB 3.0 connection performed to spec and will fallback to USB 2.0 connection rates if the device your connecting it to does not support USB 3.0.akitio2

One important feature is that you can install SSD drives up to 15mm which allows capacity to be 2tb per drive or a total of 4tb on-board.  Installing a drive is as simple as removing two set screws by hand, and pulling the drive out.. There is a very simple tray that the drive fits into.. So if you fill up one drive you can drop in another..

Pricing looks like it coming in around $280.00 be advised I only found pricing on one website. The Akitio website says that the device is coming soon so it appears that Akitio is still filling the supply chain.

Mac and PC users are going to love this device as it is small and sexy and give you unprecedented performance.


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