VoCal For The iPhone

You are going somewhere and you remember you have a meeting later in the day. You need to make a quick note to remind yourself to pick up some paper work. If you have an iPhone a quick and easy way to do it is by using the VoCal app from GZERO. With the VoCal app you simply tap on the application record your note then add the date and time and tap save.

In the VoCal app under setting you can set the default reminder to go off on the schedule time, or from 5 minutes before up to 2 weeks before the event. You can adjust the time of the reminder with each message. You can also set a reminder to go off within in a specific time such as in an hour using the quick entry option. You can also make any reminder recurring. You can either have an alarm go off or if you want you can set it to have the message go off. There is an option in setting to start a recording by bring the iPhone up to your ear with VoCal active. I didn’t like the way it works so I did not enable it. I also wish you could add the date and time within the recording, instead of manually, but I recognize that not realistic at this time. If you want you can have a reminder automatically sync to your default iCal calendar. You can also set a default snooze time. You can also set all nonrecurring recording to delete after a specific time. Below is a short video demonstrating VoCal


I just started using VoCal, but I already like it. I am constantly remembering something I am supposed to do later while walking. I simply pull out the iPhone, hit the VoCal icon,record my message, set the time and hit save. It is much easier than typing a note then sending it to iCal. VoCal is $1.99 in the app store and it is well worth a try