Information Overload – Elixir 2 for Android

If you want information on your Android device, and I mean DETAILED information about EVERYTHING going on, then you will want to check out Elixir 2.  It bills itself as a “system information application”, and I would say that they are putting it rather mildly.

Elixir 2 will give detailed information on “displays information about battery, internal and external storage (sd card), cpu, memory, telephony, wifi, bluetooth, location, display, airplane mode, synchronization, audio, camera, camcorder, input devices, build, operating system, settings, configuration, clipboard, environment variables, features, java system properties, shared libraries”.

More importantly,  it allows you to make changes to screen settings, running apps, WiFi, BlueTooth, and various sensors like GPS, compass, microphone, and accelerometer.  It will tell you what’s using your battery, CPU, or memory so that you can make changes to better utilize your device.

There is far more information available than can be fully discussed here.  If you are a techy then this is probably a must-have app.  If you aren’t, you probably can still benefit by saving some battery life and killing processes that are slowing down your device.  The app is free (ad supported), and can be found at the Android Market.  You can check out a few screenshots below.

Elixir 2 main screen
Elixir 2 sensors


Elixir 2 system information