Windows 8, As In It Boots In 8 Seconds

Recently Microsoft rep Steven Sinofsky has been blogging about the next version of their OS, Windows 8.  He has announced and documented extensively the changes and benefits we can expect.  He showed off the Explorer ribbon interface and improving file management, to name two things.  Yesterday, however, Sinofsky wrote about the future of Windows start-up times.  If you are interested in the technical, very geeky, details of hibernation, cold starts, kernels, and the like, then I recommend you head over to his blog post for the details.  You will also find lots of graphs and charts that compare Windows 8 to Windows 7.

If you just want your PC to start up quickly when you really need it, without all of the technical jargon,then check out the video post below, which was included in Sinofsky’s post.  You will see a laptop with no power cord and no battery go from dead to ready-to-use in about 8 seconds.