GNC-2011-03-25 #657 Fight AT&T & T-Mobile Merger

Back with a special 90 minute podcast for you to catch you up from no show on Monday.. I have a great contest kicking off on the show today. Get qualified by becoming an Insider and or making a one time $25.00 donation details in the show tonight. Lot’s to share on my trip to Silicon Valley and the headache I had getting there.

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Listener Links
Photoshop Effects inside the Camera!
Apple goes nuts over App Store Name.
Plastics in the Ocean hammered home.
Hawaii Carriers offer free calls to Japan.
New NASA Facility.

Show Notes:
Fight the Merger.
Netflix is a Target for Big Media.
Hollywood’s Hatred for Netflix.
Screens it’s all about Screens.
Lets Tax Driving Now?
Inside our Abandoned Collider.
Travel Router Packs a Big Punch.
Screen Play DX/HD.
Limewire Judge Tells RIAA their Insane.
FCC to push for Data Roaming Plans.
Microsoft buys 660k IPV4 IP’s for cool 7.5 Million.
ARIN watching IPv4 Sales.
Hunting for Spammers in Botnet.
MySpace dumping Millions of users.
P2P Lawyers win one for Copyright Claimants.
Oxford Dictionary LOL.
Trademarked Keyword Paid Searches in UK under fire.
United Airlines and Continental Merger.
Music and Film Cloud Locker from Amazon.
Kodak Revenue from Trademark Infringement.
Yahoo Quits MyBlogLog.
How tough is your iPad2 Glass?
Macs and iPhones match up.
Photo Shopping Hubble Images.
16 Million Bill for March Madness.
Will Android Change Everything.
Are you gonna pass on Earth Hour.
Stardust Spacecraft Killed.
Will Senator Gifford come to Space Launch?
Free and Clear Appliance Images.
Copyright Group drops suits.
Use Pirate Bay? You shared your private info again!
Limewire Shutdown curtailed P2p Activity.
Photo Re-Touching Tips.
Roll it off by the Inch.
Wireless Monitors using Display Link Technology.
Roxio Video Game Source Capture.
Socks make you Lazy.
iPad Arcade Stick.
Never Loose your Tabs in Firefox.
CCleaner helps with IE9 and Firefox Cleanups.
Send To trick in Windows.
7 Android Annoyances Solved.
Home Sharing on Apple Mobile Device.
Video Hunters Application.
Firefox First 48 Hours.
Webm and Firefox 4.
Firefox Video Must Watch!
Apple 4.3.1 update just Bug Fixes.

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