GNC-2009-07-14 #493 Preparing for Show 500!

Like a goof ball I forgot to announce a winner tonight on the PodcastMadness GNC giveaway. Promise to do it first thing next show. Lots to catch you all up on including some minor construction that is going to take place here in the Studio. Time to update the electrical capacity so we don’t stress and circuits. Bringing some serious amps into the studio via a local electrician. If you want to contribute to the show 500 fund for a needy audience member please paypal any donation is fine.

As you can see I have added a dedicated page at GNC to help you when you make a purchase at Feel free to share this page and link to it if you can from your own sites big thanks in advance to those that do.

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Show Topic Notes:
Top 10 Science Videos
DOE to shutdown one of new Labs due to funding?
New Gen of workers changing office Policies!
Streaming Replacing Downloading?
Wells Fargo sues itself?
NASA has found the Tapes!
Pandora says Radio needs to pay as well.
Apollo 11 40 Year Anniversary!
Microsoft warns of New Attacks again.
PingWire shows TwitPics Stream
iPhone VC funding breaks 100 Million!
Learn and Get CPR certified via the Wii!
Shuttle Delayed Again!
Amazon to buy Netflix?
Windows 7 close to RTM
Bing at Month One, what do you think?
Video of Ze Frank worth watching!
FeedStitch RSS Stitcher.
Office 2010 updates in Videos
IS VC Industry going to change?
Fortune, Business Week and Forbes on Sell List!
Marc off to Ohio listen up!
HP Printers in Action (Video)
Zune HD?
Apollo 11 mission on Web!
IronKey World’s most Secure USB Stick!
Verizon puts hammer down!
Chris Pirillo goes to the boat USS Nimitz!
Asa shows IE Trends

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