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Has DNSChanger Infected Your Computer

Back in November 2011 a group of Estonian and Russian hackers were arrested for creating and running a botnet called DNSChanger. DNSChanger was true to its name, it changed the DNS address of the computer it controlled and directed it to  rogue DNS servers. These rogue DNS servers were shut down by the FBI and the Internet Systems Consortium, a nonprofit company was assigned to run the replacement DNS servers so those who had effected machines wouldn’t lose their connection to the Internet. That was over eight months ago and the time that the court assigned the Internet Systems Consortium to run the replacement DNS servers has run out. So on Monday, July 9, these replacement DNS servers will be shut down. The computers that are still connected to these DNS servers will no longer be able to connect to the Internet. There are an estimate 300,000 computers that are still effected. These are not only personal computers, but also computers run by Fortune 500 companies.

The FBI has set up a site where you can check to see if your system has been effected and what to do if it has been. Most likely if you have kept your computer updated and have run your anti-malware and virus programs you will be ok. However we all know someone who never updates their system either because they are too lazy or for some reason believe they are invulnerable. If you know someone like that, suggest they go to the site the FBI set up. If they decide not too, you may get a call Monday morning if you are the computer “expert” of the family, with them screaming they can’t connect to the Google.

The most interest part of this story of course was not the DNSChanger bot, itself, but how the FBI and the court handled it. They could have shut it down immediate and the results would have been the same for those 300,000 plus 270,00 more. By delaying the shut down they did allow those 270,000 to recover. However it seems to me they dropped the ball in getting the word out. This didn’t become big news until the past week. I am not sure if the court and the FBI is to be blamed for this, or is it the media’s fault for not getting the word out. Whose ever fault it is, communication was lacking.

GNC-2011-11-12 #722 CES 2012 Support Needed

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GNC-2010-12-20 #636 Not a Top Tech Blogger?

I received an email today from a PR firm that set me off, I talk about it in the show. It is funny when a perfectly good email has three words in it that change the whole dynamic of the mailing, listen in when I talk about the “Top Tech Blogger” attending CES that really in no way deserves that title in any way shape or fashion and everyone that has a clue that got the email will know it. I also talk about how I got pwned, during the podcast awards and the banning of a podcast from participation for life.

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GNC-2009-07-14 #493 Preparing for Show 500!

Like a goof ball I forgot to announce a winner tonight on the PodcastMadness GNC giveaway. Promise to do it first thing next show. Lots to catch you all up on including some minor construction that is going to take place here in the Studio. Time to update the electrical capacity so we don’t stress and circuits. Bringing some serious amps into the studio via a local electrician. If you want to contribute to the show 500 fund for a needy audience member please paypal podcast@podcastconnect.com any donation is fine.

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GNC-2009-05-29 #481 I lead off with PowerPress Update

Ok folks we have a Round Table coming up this weekend I hope you will stop by for the show. Details on the blog at TechPodcasts.com. Covered a lot of ground on this show ending with some amazing news about a Dutch music organization!

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GNC-2007-05-25 #270

No more Jet Lag have a great show for you lots of content. I talk a little bit about some of the website action that has been happening this week as well.

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