GNC-2009-05-26 #480 Major Contest Announcement Tonight!

Back in Hawaii great to be home. I have two major contest announcements in tonight’s show listen to win. Looking for feedback on a variety of articles tonight weigh in by calling the voice mail hotline or dropping me an email. Also making slight change to introduction we will see how that pans out.

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Listener Links:
Car Powered by Wood!
Twitter TV Competition
RedBull Test Positive for trace amounts of Cocaine
Air Powered Cars in our Future?
Honolulu 100% Internet Vote First in Nation!
Hadoop Sorts Petabyte in Record Time!
25 Logos with Hidden Messages
Customer Hall of Shame (Sprint)
Liquid Cooled Laptop Lap Pad
Broadcast Season down 16%
Hawaii Driver Ranking no Surprise here!
New Cherie Cast is out!

Show Topic Notes:
Who will pay for Shirt Sponsorship of GNC?
AT&T 2in1 Mobile Cards buyer beware!
iPhone Art
iPhone Movie and TV shows downloads?
12vdc Car Power Device you have to have!
What will Apple announce at WWDC 09?
Hubble in all her Glory!
Hey dad I just bought a Crane!
Rotating Space Elevator is a Pipe Dream!
SanDisk crying Wolf over Moore’s Law
The New Circuit City Site!
Video Advertising is not Rocket Science?
Microsoft spending big bucks to educate you on Search Options.
MPAA dictating Fair Use which is not very Fair.
GPS Constellation not at Risk!
Shuttle safe on deck after landing in California.
Pirate Bay cannot find impartial Judge?
$170.00 ACDSee for Mac, wow what a price!
RedBull and the Cocaine Detection in Germany.
Mars Robots destroying Life on Mars?
Google Page Rank Dissected.
Verizon not good corporate citizen in rescue of missing person!

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