Goodbye, My Floppy Disks

In the process of moving. It’s always fun – especially when you find stuff you didn’t think you had. For example, I found a spring jacket I thought I lost 2 years ago. I also found all the power adaptor plugs and re-matched them to their original item (then marked them so I can tell where they are suppose to go).

As I was sorting out, I found a box of floppy disks I thought I discarded in the last move. There was no real data on it. They were utility discs like “Wipedisk”, a Ghost loading program, Partition Magic 4.0 and old copies of Windows software I thought I would keep around “just in case”.

Well, that case is over.

I think I only have one computer with a floppy drive attached. I decided it wasn’t worth it to check the disk, then format, because if there was data, it would be pictures that could be discarded.

But it did bring back some memories. The 150 – floppy disk computer backup I made back in 1999, the stack of “Utility” disks I carried for 5 years. Even the “retreads” – disks that could be erased on a moments notice because I needed the disk. Oh, can’t forget WinZip and the spanning feature to put 10 meg files on 10 disks.

Along with the Floppies, I also discarded a few Zip 100 disks. I don’t even have a Zip drive anymore. Still waiting on the Iomega rebate, too. Therefore, the disks are history.

I could open the cases and clip the contents. But once again, if someone wants a series of pictures from 1999, then they are welcome to them.

I just hope Goodwill takes them. I suppose the local “Radioactive Waste disposal” site will take them…

CD’s will be next. Especially if the 10 Terrabyte Disc is developed for consumer use.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, My Floppy Disks

  1. I work in a public library where many of our public computers still use floppy drives. I found a box of 100 in my closet and donated. Many of our homeless folks come in and ask for floppies. Maybe your library or a center that works with poor and homeless, frequently with older computers, will take them.

  2. I used to own a Sony Mavica. You know, the digital camera that used floppies as film?

    When I moved a couple of years ago, I bet I threw out about 50 lbs of floppies. Just like you, if someone wanted the pictures, they could have them. Provided they could find a working floppy drive…

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