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GNC-2010-06-25 #587 On a Roll!

Mom always said don’t count your chickens before they hatch but, I am real happy with the last two shows. It is great to be home. One a second note, I get serious in talking about looking ahead with the show, as I want to advance the shows potential. Through the end of July will be hoping to offset some of the upgrade costs associated with moving forward with donations to the show details within but hope you will consider helping me reach a very big goal.

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GNC-2009-05-26 #480 Major Contest Announcement Tonight!

Back in Hawaii great to be home. I have two major contest announcements in tonight’s show listen to win. Looking for feedback on a variety of articles tonight weigh in by calling the voice mail hotline or dropping me an email. Also making slight change to introduction we will see how that pans out.

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Show Topic Notes:
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AT&T 2in1 Mobile Cards buyer beware!
iPhone Art
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12vdc Car Power Device you have to have!
What will Apple announce at WWDC 09?
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