Jing Project by the Folks at TechSmith

JingTechSmith the company that brought you Camtasia and SnagIT have launched a new project called the Jing Project. The Jing Project is an application that lets you capture things happening on your screen and then very easily publish that to their Screencast.com service.

The big down side to this and the reason I will likely not use the product is as of this moment your locked into using their screencast service. I don’t like walled gardens and would rather pay for the application versus being forced to use their website. 

One thing that is unusual is that they have a MAC application as well. JingProject

Update: it appears you can save the file that you have produced locally and upload it to another website which is good the Automated process made it look like that was not possible.

One thought on “Jing Project by the Folks at TechSmith

  1. You can save Jing content locally and upload it to anyplace you’d like (hardly a walled garden). The Screencast.com service does allow you to have amazingly quick visual conversations–give it a shot for a while and then give me a yell back and tell me what you think.

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