I’ve always been sort of fascinated with flashlights. Not in the take apart and reconfigure sense but more in the general interest and necessity of them. I’ve always made sure at my house, apartment, car or where ever I was spending a large chunk of time that I had flashlight strategically placed for those rare power outages and emergencies. Mainly if there was a circumstance where a flashlight was needed, I knew where it was and could navigate to it in the dark. Recently with the development of LED’s into flashlights, they have once again become some sort of weird side obsession for me. I proudly have a mini LED flashlight charging via a USB connection to my computer and a recently acquired Faraday Flashlight sitting on top of my toolbox at home. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools, now is your chance, especially if your a flashlight geek as I am. He has recently highlighted a really cool flashlight called the Electrilite which not only is powered via hand crank, but also has a radio and cellphone charger built in! This device utilizes three LEDs which should make it brighter than your standard LED flashlights. He also discusses a sweet accessory for your mini Maglite that converts it to a fiber optic bendable flashlight. [Electrilite Link] [Fiber Optic Adapter Link]

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  1. Flashlights rule! Alright, so they’re not the greatest devices in the world but I do like this flashlight that has a handcrank and ability to recharge external devices like your cell phone. In case you missed it, the Brits have a flashlight that literally ignites things with over 4000 lumens. I hope my memory is serving me well this morning :)

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