Consumer Electronics Show rings me up Press Pass Approved!

CesI was sitting at my desk and low an behold I get called by the folks at CES by a really helpful representative Appears they saw my blog post and wanted to chat about the issue I was having getting a press pass.  Here is a hint if you apply for a press badge and are denied you will get a general admittance pass.

He helped me get the Press pass processed, and said if I knew any bloggers, podcasters, videocasters that were having troubles getting a press pass to let him know. If your having issues drop me a line with your application name, blog name and URL’s to the places your write for and I will forward it. I don’t have permission to post his contact info here and out of respect will not do that.

I told him that their site really had no language to address bloggers wanting to get a press pass as it is set up for MSM. He said they were still working on it. He said so long as bloggers, podcasters etc fill out the press pass form and enter their websites url into the application they will review every applicant that applies.

 He did not say it but I am pretty positive they are screening each site individually, I understand why. But it looks like we were able to get the proper credentials that will give us some extra access to facilities that were off limits before and that should help on the production side.