Will the Blogger – Google Integration make a difference!

Little do people know that this Blog started out in its early days as a Blogger blog, within weeks of using Blogger I resented the fact that it was near impossible to modify the templates to make my site look unique, and quickly moved to MovableType this site today is pretty unique in it’s look which we would have never achieved on Blogger.

The biggest mistake Google and Blogger did early on was pull RSS support, it is a decision that to this date most of us cannot comprehend.

What many blogger users have come to realize over the past three years was that Google who bought Blogger essentially quit updating it, while other blog applications vendors continued to move forward bringing modern tool sets to the space. Today Google is trying to catch up, and have launched a public beta of the new blogger and as they get the bugs worked out everyone will likely be migrated to the new system.

No longer will you use your Blogger login but you will be forced to transition to a Google login and if Google is smart they will incorporate some of their other offerings. Time will tell and one thing is for sure it’s about time that Blogger was updated. Most of us had already written it of as DOA

The question I have to ask is how are they going to combat all the spam blogs out there? Blogger has been the breeding grounds for countless thousands of blogs that do nothing but steal content and have adsense ads on them only time will tell. [beta.blogger.com]

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One thought on “Will the Blogger – Google Integration make a difference!

  1. Impossible to modify the templates? You can alter, change, or modify any Blogger template. You can also make your own. As far as the uniqueness of your blog is concerned, the same look could be achieved with Blogger. I make changes to mind all the time. In fact, I do it far too much.

    Concerning RSS. It’s not like Blogger doesn’t have syndication. It incorporates Atom for syndication. My Blogger blog reads fine in newsreaders. Most people don’t care if syndication is RSS or Atom. I know you and Dave Winer do, but most of us don’t care. Really.

    Saying that Blogger has stopped updating is just not true. Blogger added easy photo insertion and tools to stop comment spam.

    Only a few months ago you wanted to migrate over to WordPress because you believed MovableType was dead. You said that it wasn’t being updated any longer. You would have made that switch if you could have figured out how to make the migration. You even asked for help from listeners.

    Bash Blogger if you feel you have to. Just try to stick to facts Todd.

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