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Google Changes Adult Content Policy on Blogger

Blogger LogoGoogle is making a change regarding what kind of content is allowed to be publicly visible on Blogger. Starting March 23, 2015, people who use Blogger will no longer be able to publicly share images and videos that are sexually explicit or that show graphic nudity.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Google will still allow content that includes nudity to be publicly visible on Blogger if it “offers a substantial public benefit”. The example Google gives clarifies “in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts”. In other words, it is the “not safe for work” content that is being removed from public viewing.

To be clear, Google isn’t going to start deleting blogs that contain nude images or sexually explicit content from Blogger. Instead, those blogs will be made private after March 23, 2015. In other words, the only people who will be able to see the content on those blogs will be the blog owners, the admins of the blogs, and the people the owner of the blog has shared the blog with.

The blog owner could invite people to view their blog by adding individual email addresses of each person they want to grant access to. The Google account associated with those addresses could then view the blog by signing into an existing Google account, creating a new Google account, or choosing to view the blog as a “guest” (which would not require an account). A “guest” account expires after 30 days and requires a new invitation before that person can view the blog.

There are some who have pointed out that blogs that have been marked private will be removed from search results. Obviously, this will result in much less traffic to the Blogger blogs that become private as a result of Google’s content policy change. There is another option. Affected bloggers can export their blog’s text and images and repost it on a personal website.

GNC-2011-03-15 #655 Thinking of Japan!

I spend some time at the beginning of the show tonight talking about the tragic loss of life and issues facing Japan. I will be participating in a 24hr podcast that will be a fund raiser for the tragedy in Japan. I will have more details on Fridays show. I have an absolute metric ton of tech to go over with you tonight as well hold on its a fast ride. All Family members in Japan are safe, we have not heard from friends in Sendai yet but seeing the communication issues we are not getting nervous yet.

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Show Notes:
Our days are Shorter due to Earthquake.
NASA Images of Japan!
Spectral Images of Japan Damage.
Gear Shortage due to Earthquake.
4th Amendment challenge off to court.
Sean Parker to own Warner Music ;) ?
Tagging is Legal.
Net Survives Earthquake.
The Truth cost Blogger $60K!
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AT&T DSL capped at 150gb!
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Zune Hardware Dead.
IE9 Launch #1
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Boxee using Apple Playbook!
Streamtome Mac App Store Software!
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GNC-2010-11-01 #623 On the Road Again

I have a fantastic show for you tonight one that you will not want to miss. Lots going on in the Privacy front that you need to get up to speed. Big thank you to all of the Insiders you all are making a difference and it is appreciated. Will have a double insider for you this week. Have had a pretty fast adaption back to the new time zone, guess my body never caught up while I was at home.

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Google Family Safety Centre

Google FamilyGoogle has setup the Family Safety Centre to help parents and teachers keep their children safe online.  After spending a little time in the resource, it seems to be a good introduction to online safety for children from a parent’s point of view.  If you need to know more, you can then take it further through some of the links.

The Centre has four main sections:

i) Google Safety Tools – information on Safesearch, which stops inappropriate material being returned in searches, and YouTube Safety Mode, which similarly stops age-restricted videos from appearing.

ii) Advice from partners – information from children’s organisations on cyberbullying, privacy, talking to strangers online, adult content and malware.

iii) Reporting abuse – if you find inappropriate material on any of Google’s properties (YouTube, Buzz, Picasa, Blogger), here’s how to flag the material to Google.

iv) Video tips from Google parents – a set of videos on YouTube from parents to parents.  In this section there’s also six basic tips for on-line safety.  Frankly, I think these tips should be more prominent as they’re good.
Keep computers in a central place
– Know where your children go online
– Teach internet safety
– Help prevent viruses
– Teach your children to communicate responsibly
– View all content critically

Each country has its own slight variant, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, US and UK versions – there are probably others for non-English speakers. The main difference seems to be the list of partner organisations that Google has worked with (and spelling).

If you are a parent, you should spend a few minutes having a read of the information here.

GNC-2009-03-10 #458 Great Show from Japan

Last Show from Japan and then I will be back in Hawaii for a few weeks. Look forward to getting back to the regular studio and cranking out the shows from home. I am announcing a new segment in tonights podcast pretty excited about adding it to the line-up.

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Find Your Niche

With the world’s population still booming and technology allowing more and more people to connect to each other, the opportunity to find a niche business is growing. I get really overloaded with all the things I can research and learn about online. I am constantly reading up on the subjects I am interested in most. It sometimes becomes hard to focus on what I am doing without wandering all over the information super highway. It used to be that a unique subject like quilt making was a narrow niche business. But now I really believe a website dedicated to quilt making by widows or NCAA team quilt making would draw a huge crowd, enough to make a profit if done right. Just think of the most unique business idea or niche website you can imagine and hit google to see how many sites are available.

The idea of most blogs or podcasts is to draw a huge audience if you want to make some money. But if you have a micro niche you don’t need to have near as many subscribers to be able to sell ads or even charge for membership. If you have 2000 dedicated fans of your football cap site you can monetize it as well as a general football site with 50,000 fans. With free sites like blogspot & ning you can pretty much do whatever you want with a site. And even though you don’t have unique branding you can still use domain forwarding to go to your free site. Ning is better than Myspace because it is the same thing but just more focused. Myspace is just too open where as Ning allows you to create a social network based on your idea. Facebook & Myspace are good tools to pull people together but if you intend to have a focused audience you need to have a focal point. To sell ads for barbeque sauce recipes you need a more niche audience than meat eaters. You need people who go to BBQ competitions every month & read a BBQ blog.

Will the Blogger – Google Integration make a difference!

Little do people know that this Blog started out in its early days as a Blogger blog, within weeks of using Blogger I resented the fact that it was near impossible to modify the templates to make my site look unique, and quickly moved to MovableType this site today is pretty unique in it’s look which we would have never achieved on Blogger.

The biggest mistake Google and Blogger did early on was pull RSS support, it is a decision that to this date most of us cannot comprehend.

What many blogger users have come to realize over the past three years was that Google who bought Blogger essentially quit updating it, while other blog applications vendors continued to move forward bringing modern tool sets to the space. Today Google is trying to catch up, and have launched a public beta of the new blogger and as they get the bugs worked out everyone will likely be migrated to the new system.

No longer will you use your Blogger login but you will be forced to transition to a Google login and if Google is smart they will incorporate some of their other offerings. Time will tell and one thing is for sure it’s about time that Blogger was updated. Most of us had already written it of as DOA

The question I have to ask is how are they going to combat all the spam blogs out there? Blogger has been the breeding grounds for countless thousands of blogs that do nothing but steal content and have adsense ads on them only time will tell. [beta.blogger.com]