Robert Scoble hits the nail on the head with RSS Full Text Feeds!

I am going to give you the readers digest version, some bloggers have partial text feeds which requires you to load their website if you want to read the full article. Typically like Robert I don’t subscribe to RSS feeds that have Partial text feeds.

Robert ask who are using Feed Readers at this point, journalist, bloggers, podcasters, people that know technology how many of them do you think are clicking on Google Adsense ads, probably not very many of them, but the question you have to ask is how many of those journalist, bloggers, podcasters are linking to your site and sending you traffic of the large percentage of the population that does not use a feed reader, who may indeed click on a adsense ad.

I want those people to link to this site it is what drives traffic, this sites ongoing growth is because people link to this site from outside sources, I read and replied to Robert article in a feed reader my web browser is closed as it will remain closed most of the day, but because he has a full text feed I am now linking to him and many of you will go over to his site and read the rest of the story. [Robert Scoble]

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2 thoughts on “Robert Scoble hits the nail on the head with RSS Full Text Feeds!

  1. I have to disagree with you here. I prefer RSS feeds with partial text. I read a lot of feeds using Bloglines on my Treo 600. Some of the blogs I read are quite wordy and take forever to load on my mobile device. I prefer less text, if I want to read more, I’ll mark the post and come back to it later when I’m using Bloglines on a desktop computer.

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