Ever experienced Voicemail Hell?

Have you ever called a company and for 10 or 15 agonizing minutes dealt with their voice mail system only to get fed up and mash “0” a dozen times to get to a real person? How about mashing “0” and getting disconnected that only makes me more mad. Well a very decent chap has published a cheat sheet to bypass a large number of companies IVR systems.

This list has been out a while, and I featured it on one of my podcast. Well a company that creates these systems has come out with the PR spin article that tries to tell us how beneficial these interactive voice mail systems are. I personally think someone has been drinking to much Koolaid within that particular company because down to every last man on this planet all we want to do is talk to a human.

I will start you off with a link to the original article, followed by the PR spin and a rebuttal by the original poster very comical and he hits the nail on the head.

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