The Power of Craigslist!

My wife has for a long time been quite the purveyor of good deals, she is on Craigslist about 10 times a day and she is on the road 20 times a week picking up stuff she had purchased on Craiglist or out to check out the condition of something. Our garage has become sort of a recycling center. She bring this stuff home cleans it up and within a couple of weeks it is out the door and she has made a tidy profit. She has a nose for people desperate to sell stuff and has gotten really good at it.

In fact I forced here to get a small business account six months ago and file for a business license as what she was doing would ultimately require her to pay taxes to Uncle Sam for the profits as she is doing this as a way to earn some extra money. After seeing the linked article in the New York Times about Craigslist I asked her if she finds anything in the classifieds.

Her response was the classifieds are generally full of merchandise that is generally listed on craiglist and if she had to wait and scour the paper she would never get anything purchased because it would be snapped up already. I am sure we could fit the early bird gets the worm saying in here someplace but hey I think it’s really the night owl gets the scoop on things as midnight scouring of craigslist has made for some early morning dashes across town to be the first person at someones place to buy something cheap. [New York Times]

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