The Corporate Firewalling of the Blog Universe!

The corportate firewall and desktop. Those of us that live on one have to deal with IT staff madness every day, and the rules they setup drive me crazy. Just this morning I received notice to re-boot my workstation and change the password so the length has a minimum of 16 characthers. I immediately sent a reply and asked if I would be fired for writting the 16 digit password on a sticky note and placing it on my monitor so that I could remember it everytime the computer logged me out for 20 minutes of inactivity.

Not to mention that all streaming services have been blocked to include any site that has the word MP3 on the site. Needless to say many employeers are applying a heavy hand to what you can and cannot do on the corporate desktop. Apparently some companies are now blocking any site with the word Blog in it. Well I guess my site just got blocked. For those of you that are dealing with an IT department that is about control verus productivity we interupt this discussion to say some are taking 20 years of innovation and have reduced my computers ability to perform, down to word processing and e-mail.

Lets not forget the power house machine which I boot up each day, Windows 2000 with a Intel Celeron and a 128 megs of ram. [Wired]

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